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BLC-93 Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester
【Brief】:The instrument meets the requirements of national standard GB261-83 and SH/T0315, ASTM D93 and international standard ISO2719-88.
【Series】:General Petroleum Products Testers

Application and function

 It is controlled by microcomputer. It is automatic electronic ignition without the need of gas source. It is reliable and easy to operate with self-test function, high measurement accuracy, good repeatability and stable performance. It is an ideal instrument for closed flash point testing in petroleum, chemical, power, environmental protection, railway and scientific research, etc.

Main Features

1.Touch type color English LCD display;

2.Adaptive PID control algorithm to automatically adjust heating curve according to standard requirements;

3.Automatic stirring, ignition, detection, alarm, cooling and printing;

4.Safe airless source platinum alloy electric wire ignition method, which is stable and reliable with high test accuracy;

5.Powerful data storage that 300 results can be stored.

Main Technical Parameters


Touch type color LCD display

Measurement mode

Thermocouple differential detection

Measurement range

Room temperature-350




National standardTolerance ±1 at flash point value<104℃,±2 at flash point 104

International standard: Tolerance ±1°C at flash point 110, ±2at flash point >110


High-speed thermal printer, 56 mm paper width

Temperature detection

Imported platinum resistancePt100Ω)

Cooling mode

Forced air cooling

Working environment

Temperature:10-45Humidity: 30-80%

Power supply



450*280*290 mm       


About 15KG


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