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BLS-1298 Petroleum Products Density Meter
【Brief】:The instrument complies with ASTM D1298, GB/T1884.
【Series】:General Petroleum Products Testers


The instrument is designed and manufactured according to the standard requirements of ASTM D1298, GB/T1884 under crude oil and liquid petroleum products density laboratory tests (densimeter method). It is suitable for determining the density of liquid crude oil, petroleum products and mixtures of petroleum products and non-petroleum products. 


1. Adopts microcomputer for temperature control, LCD English display, fast heating speed and highly precise temperature control;

2. Large-capacity glass cylinder water bath, which is convenient to use with good insulation and high temperature control accuracy;

3. For measurement the density of petroleum products at room temperature to -20°C, a refrigeration cycle system must be provided.

Main Technical Parameters


English LCD display

Temperature control range

-20-100(Extra condenser needs to be equipped under lower temperature)

Temperature control accuracy


Power consumption


Test cup number

2 holes

Power supply

AC 220±10%,50Hz,single phase(can be customized)

Working temperature


Relative humidity


Storage function

100 pieces of test results can be stored

Print method

Low-energy high-speed thermal printer, 56mm paper width


About 13kg




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