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BLS-4530 Petroleum Products Carbon Residue Tester (Micro Method)
【Brief】:The instrument complies to ASTM D4530 and National Standard GB/T 17144-1997.
【Series】:General Petroleum Products Testers


The instrument is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of ASTM D4530 and the People's Republic of China National Standard GB/T 17144-1997 Residual Carbon Determination Method for Petroleum Products (Micro Method). It is used for the determination of residual carbon in petroleum products.


1. It adopts integrated desktop structure which includes two parts: electrical control cabinet and high temperature test heating furnace. It has reasonable design and simple structure.

2. It adopts single-chip control system. The instrument automatically controls the whole testing process according to the preset program, and commands the coordinated operation of the components.

3. Full English display; the bottom of each interface has the current operation prompt. Users even have no need to read the manual as long as operate according to the current prompt. The instrument is convenient to operate with friendly interface. 

4. Automatically control the heating rate, heating rate and the set temperature; convenient for temperature adjustment with accurate heating rate and stable temperature control.

5. Automatic test data collection, test results calculation, and data saving and printing according to users’ requirements.

6. The range of the residual carbon measured by the instrument is: 0.10% (m/m) - 30.0% (m/m). The petroleum products with residual carbon exceeding 0.10% (m/m) are equivalent to the results of the Kang's carbon residue method (GB/T 268).

7. The instrument is also applicable to petroleum products whose residual carbon value is less than 0.10% (m/m) and consists of distillate oil;

8.Equipped with electronic balance to achieve automation of data input such as sample weighing data input.

Technical Parameters

Power consumption


Coke box temperature


Temperature control accuracy


 Heating power


Ambient temperature


 Relative humidity





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