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BLS-3231 Petroleum Product Vapor Pressure Tester (Reid Method)
【Brief】:The instrument complies to ASTM D3231 and GB/T8017.
【Series】:General Petroleum Products Testers


This instrument is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of ASTM D3231 and People's Republic of China Standard GB/T8017 Vapor Pressure Measurement Method for Petroleum Products (Reid Method),suitable for measuring the vapor pressure of gasoline, volatile crude oil and other volatile petroleum products.


1.Floor-standing structure; work surface made of stainless steel; scientific and reasonable design; beautiful and generous outlook; convenient to operate; complete accessories;

2.Adopts digital temperature control technology with uniform water bath temperature and high temperature control accuracy to meet the test requirements;

3. Equipped with 2 precise pressure gauges to detect the gas pressure in the pressure bomb. The gas pressure measurement accuracy can reach ±0.4%;

4. Equipped with one set of single-opening and double-opening steam bombs, which can be placed at the test port for simultaneous test.

Technical Parameters

Power supply

AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz(can be customized)

Water bath heating power

1600 W

Water bath temperature range

Room temperature -90 ° C

Water bath temperature control accuracy

± 0.1 ° C

Pressure gauge accuracy


Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Whole machine power consumption



350mm × 340mm × 750mm (L × W × H)




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