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BLS-2896 Total Acid Number and Total Base Number TAN/TBN Tester
【Brief】:The instrument complies to ASTM D664, ASTM D2896, ASTM D974.
【Series】:General Petroleum Products Testers


This instrument is manufactured and designed according to the requirements of ASTM D664, ASTM D2896, ASTM D974, and People's Republic of China petrochemical industry standard SH/T0251-93 Petroleum Products Alkali Value Determination Method. It consists of ZD-2A automatic potentiometric titrator, titration station and burette. It is suitable to measure the alkaline components of petroleum products, used petroleum products and additives. 


.F 1. The instrument adopts acid-base neutralization principle, using the method of perchloric acid potentiometric titration to determine and calculate the base value. The end point is judged according to the potential change.

2. The instrument is equipped with 5 measurement electrodes and 3 different burettes to meet the determination of alkaline components.

3.The instrument has wide measurement range and high measurement accuracy. It is fully equipped and convenient to use. 

Technical Parameters

Measurement range


 Measurement accuracy


Point position control accuracy

 ±0.03pH or ±3mV

Input impedance


Capacity analysis repeatability


Indoor temperature


Relative humidity


Host dimensions


Net weight

 About 3.5kg


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