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BLS-5453 Ultraviolet Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer
【Brief】:The instrument complies to ASTM D5453 and SH/T 0689.
【Series】:General Petroleum Products Testers


The ultraviolet fluorescence sulfur analyzer BLS-5453 complies with ASTM D5453 and SH/T 0689 for the determination of total sulfur in crude oil, distillate, petroleum gas, petrochemicals and food, etc.

Working Principle

The instrument adopts the ultraviolet fluorescence method: after the sample to be tested is suctioned into the high temperature pyrolysis furnace, the sample is completely vaporized and oxidatively cracked at a high temperature of about 1050℃.The sulfide is quantitatively converted into sulfur dioxide. The reaction gas is carried by the carrier gas, and the water is removed through the membrane dryer and then enter into the reaction chamber. Sulfur dioxide is exposed to ultraviolet light of a specific wavelength, and the absorption of such rays causes some electrons to turn to high energy orbits. Once the electrons return to their original orbit, the excess energy is released as light and is detected by photomultiplier tube at a specific wavelength. The emitted fluorescence is completely given to the sulfur and is in direct proportion to the sulfur content in the original sample. In direct proportion. After being amplified by the micro-current amplifier and processed by computer data, it can be converted into an electrical signal proportional to the light intensity. By measuring the intensity, the sulfur content of the corresponding sample can be calculated.


1.Windows operating platform, man-machine dialogue, easy to operate.

2. The detector of the core part is adopts patented light and gas anti-leakage technology, which has high sensitivity, low noise, wide linear range and strong anti-interference ability.

3. Adopts international popular circuits and imported devices (UV lamps, filters, membrane dryers, etc. are all imported); The whole machine performance has reached international advanced level, which is superior to similar domestic products and can replace imported machine.

4. High pressure can be adjusted freely. Standard calibration can be adjusted by single point, which is convenient, fast and accurate.

Technical Parameters

Measurement range

0.5mg/L10000mg/L %

Sample state can be measured

Solid, liquid, gas(corresponding sample injector is optional)

PMT high voltage range

DC400V900V(according to the level of the measured concentration, set the required value through the operation system.)

Temperature control range

Room temperature to 1300℃

Temperature control accuracy


Repeatability error






Host (data acquisition, control system), cracking furnace, autosampler and computer (operating software included).


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