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Ramsbottom(Electric Furnace) Method Petroleum Products Carbon Residue Tester BLS-524
【Brief】:The instrument complies to ASTM D524 and SH/T O170.
【Series】:General Petroleum Products Testers


 The instrument is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of ASTM D524 and the People's Republic of China industry standard SH/T O170 Electric Furnace Method( also called Ramsbottom Method) Petroleum Products Carbon Residue Determination Method. It is suitable for measuring the carbon residue in lubricating oil, heavy liquid fuels or other petroleum products. 

Main Features
1. The instrument adopts integrated desktop structure design. The heating furnace and the controller form a complete whole, which is novel and beautiful.

2. The maximum temperature of the heating furnace can reach 520 °C. It adopts digital temperature controller. The temperature control accuracy can reach ±5 °C in the full temperature control range, which meets the test requirements.

3. Four sample tests can be carried out at the same time with high test efficiency.


Integrate heating and control, high temperature control accuracy, small in size and easy to use.

Main Technical Parameters

Power supply

 AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz, Single Phase(Customizable)

Heating method

Electric furnace

Heating power

Total heating power 1150W(230W×5)

Temperature control range


Temperature control accuracy


Test bath type

Furnace with 4 holes

Ambient temperature

Room temperature to 35℃

Relative humidity


Total power consumption






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