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Anti-rust Grease Salt Spray Corrosion Tester BLS-117
【Brief】:The instrument complies with SH/T 0081 and ASTM D117-97.
【Series】:Lube Oil Testers


The instrument is designed and manufactured according to ASTM D117-97 and SH/T 0081. The experiment mainly uses the salt spray test chamber to evaluate the anti-rust performance of anti-rust grease on metal, which is suitable for anti-rust grease.


1.The pressure barrel is seamlessly welded stainless steel plate, and the titanium tube is used for heating. It has long service life and high corrosion resistance.The cover is made of imported transparent acrylic plate,which is transparent and good for observation; 

2.Digital temperature controller, PID temperature control, corrosion resistant temperature probe. The temperature accuracy during the salt spray test is ±1℃;

3. Adopts high-precision multi-function timer; the test time can be set, and the power-off memory function is available.

4.The automatic/manual watering system is adopted, and the automatic/manual water replenishment function is provided when the water level is insufficient, and the experiment is not interrupted.

5.Double over-temperature protection, which can automatically cut off the heating power in the event of a temperature control meter failure or heating system failure.

6.Double low water level protection to prevent dry burning of laboratory and pressure barrel heating tubes.

7.The precise quartz glass nozzle guarantees non-crystallization for 4000 hours. The cone diffuser of the spray tower has the functions of fog guiding, fog amount adjustment and uniform fogging, etc.

Technical Parameters

Temperature range

salt spray box temperature:35-50 (can be set arbitrarily)

Saturator temperature

47-63 (can be set arbitrarily)

Temperature accuracy


Inner box size



Outer box size


Test chamber capacity


Salt water tank capacity


Spray settlement


Power supply

AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz ± 10%


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