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Lube Oil Air Release Value Tester BLS-3427
【Brief】:The instrument complies with SH/T 0308 and ASTM D3427.
【Series】:Lube Oil Testers


This instrument is manufactured according to the requirements specified in ASTM D3427 and in the national standard SH/T 0308 Lubricating Oil Air Release Value Determination Method. It is used to determine the ability of lubricating oil to separate mist air, that is, to measure the air release value of petroleum products such as hydraulic oil and turbine oil, etc. It is suitable for the areas of chemical, electric power and petroleum,etc.


1. Adopt microcomputer processing and PID self-tuning technology;

2.Simultaneously control the temperature of the two channels, and integrate  temperature control, air and constant temperature;

3.Avoid the similar products’ problem of poor experimental results caused by inconsistent temperature of water bath, air and densitometer;

4. Adopt blue LCD display, English menu, man-machine dialogue, easy to operate;

5. Stable performance, accurate data, good repeatability,et.

Technical Parameters


240×128 dot matrix LCD screen

Water bath temperature range

Room temperature-100 ° C

Air temperature range

Room temperature to 90 ° C

Water bath temperature control accuracy

±0.1 °C

Air temperature control accuracy

± 3 ° C

Pressure adjustment range


Power supply

AC220V±10%, 50Hz(can be customized)

Maximum power consumption


Water bath volume



About 20kg


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