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Petroleum Products and Additives Mechanical Impurity Tester BLS-473
【Brief】:The instrument complies to ASTM D473 and GB/T 511-2010.
【Series】:Lube Oil Testers


The instrument is designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM D473 and GB/T 511-2010 Petroleum and Petroleum Products and Additives Mechanical Impurities Determination Method, suitable to measure the mechanical impurity content of various hydrocarbons, heavy oils, lubricating oils and additives. It is widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, commodity inspection and scientific research departments.    


1. 7-inch TFT true color touch screen with resolution of 800×480, easy to use for human-computer interaction;

2. Adopts 32-bit microprocessor as the main control core and new generation of intelligent operating system;

3. Built-in oil-free maintenance-free vacuum pump, two-way solvent oil preheating system, one instrument host completing all functions, no need for external vacuum pump or water bath;

4. 4 channels PID temperature control, control solvent oil preheating temperature and insulation funnel temperature;

5. Low-voltage DC heating system to prevent leakage and electric shock;

6. Built-in formulas to automatically calculate test results, save and print data;

7. With automatic data query function, which is convenient to find out test records and statistics, and can print the results at any time;

8.Small in size, beautiful and durable.

9.Built-in quick manual and maintenance manual, which are convenient for user to use and maintain.

Technical Parameters


7-inch LCD display with resolution of 800×480

Temperature control range

Room temperature-100℃

Temperature control accuracy



0.1 °C


58mm wide micro thermal printer





510 × 330× 320mm (foot pad not included)



About 9kg

Ambient temperature

5 ° C - 40 ° C


Relative humidity



Power supply

AC220V±10V 50Hz(can be customized)





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