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Multi-function Oscillation Tester BLS-429
【Brief】:The instrument complies to the oscillating degassing method GB/T17625-1998.
【Series】:Insulating Oil Transformer Oil Testers


The instrument complies to the oscillating degassing method GB/T17625-1998 Gas Chromatographic Method for Dissolved Gas Content in Insulating Oil, and oscillating heating method DL429.4-91 Quantitative Measurement Method of Water Soluble Acid.


The instrument is mainly used for oscillating degassing in gas chromatography of insulating oil, oscillating operation in water-soluble acid determination method (colorimetric method) in oil, and can also be used for constant temperature, timing and oscillating operation in other physical and chemical tests. The instrument has automatic temperature control, timing, static and alarm prompts. It has fast heating, accurate temperature control, beautiful structure and simple operation. The oscillation control performance is good and the noise is extremely low.



1. English LCD display, English menu;

2.Microcomputer control, PID self-tuning temperature control, accurate temperature control;

3. Mechanical transmission anti-fatigue, anti-vibration, maintenance-free, low noise;

4. 8 pieces of 50ml or 100ml syringes can be put at the same time;

5. 4 pieces of 250ml triangle bottles can be put at the same time.


Technical Parameters


240×128 dot matrix LCD display

Temperature range

Room temperature-100℃

Temperature control accuracy

Room Temperature-50℃±0.2℃


Oscillation frequency

275±3 times/min

Oscillation amplitude


Chromatographic oscillation degassing

Oscillate 20min;static 10min;constant temperature 50℃

Water-soluble acid oscillation

Oscillate 5min;constant temperature 75

Other physical oscillations

Oscillation, static 0-99 min; constant temperature 0-100℃



Power supply

AC 220V±10%(can be customized)


50Hz±5%(can be customized)

Ambient environment


Ambient humidity


Power consumption





About 32Kg


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