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Infrared Oil Content Analyzer BLS-IOC
【Brief】: It’s applied to the measurement of the petroleum, animal and vegetable oils content in the surface water, groundwater, sewage and industrial waste water etc.
【Series】:Specilized Oil Testers

Infrared Oil Content Analyzer BLS-IOC


This Infrared Oil Content Analyzer BLS-IOC is based on this principle and adopts infrared spectrophotometry. By spectral scanning of the sample, it can display and print the spectra of the sample and the position as well as the wave number of the absorption peak. All the oil content in the water can be quickly and accurately tested out. It’s applied to the measurement of the petroleum, animal and vegetable oils content in the surface water, groundwater, sewage and industrial waste water etc.

1.The operation principle and specifications complies to the national standard “ Water
Quality Determination of Petroleum, Animal and Vegetable Oils-Infrared Spectrophotometry”(GB/T 16488-1996).
2.Dismountable integrated optical system; small size; light weight; firstly spectral and then absorption in line with the requirements of the features of infrared spectroscopy; good stability; high SNR.
3.The electrical modulation source reduces intensity of heat source to facilitate system cooling; at the same time non-mechanical light-cutting active devices simplifies the structure thus improves its reliability.
4.The processing of the sensor signal uses lock-in amplifier circuit thus improves the analyzer’s SNR and the minimum detection limit
5.It can check whether the purity of extraction agent meets the measurement requirements or not.
6.Function of spectrum scanning and displaying the absorbance curve within the used spectrum range to distinguish the disruptor.
7.It can be used as an infrared spectrophotometer.
8.The carbon tetrachloride can be replaced by tetrachlorethylene extraction agent. 9.Special structure design of the cuvette available for any cuvette from 1cm to 5cm. 10.It has simple structure, self-contained optical system and electrical system, and integration of high degree thus its reliability and maintainability is improved a lot.
11.Easy operation. It only needs you to click your mouse once then the measurement can be finished.
12.High speed of measurement. It just takes 30 seconds to finish a test.
13.Powerful functions of the software. Test data and spectrograms can be saved in hard disk for checking and printing anytime. It also has the functions of auto reset and regression equation calculation and so on.

Technical Parameters:



Measurement Range


Detection Limit

<0.15mg/L(CCl4 extract,5cm quartz cuvette)

<0.002mg/L(Water samples,using extraction ratio 100:1, 5cm quartz cuvette)

Max. Measured Concentration

64000 mg/L

Measurement Accuracy


Repeatability Accuracy

<2% (for 20~40mg/L oil sample)

Linearly Dependent Coefficient


Wavelength Range


Wavelength Accuracy

±2 cm -1

Wavelength Repeatability

±2 cm -1

Absorbance Range


Sample Analysis Time

Full spectra scan, 30s/time;

Fixed several times scan, 10s/time;

Non-dispersed infrared method, 2s/time.

Blank Solvent Zero Setting


Environment Requirement

5℃~35℃, 20%~85%RH, no acute shaking, no strong electromagnetic field interference, no corrosive gas.

Power Supply

AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz

External Size(L*W*H)mm


Package Size(L*W*H)mm


Gross Weight(kg)



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