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BLO-92 Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester
【Brief】:The instrument complies with ISO 2592, ASTM D92, GB267 and GB 3536, etc.
【Series】:General Petroleum Products Testers


It adopts microcomputer  control, which is automatic. It supports color touch screen operation with high-speed thermal printer to automatically print test results and with fault self-test function. It is an ideal open cup flash point measurement instrument applied in the areas of petroleum, chemical, power, environmental protection, railway, scientific research .

Main Features

1.Color touch English LCD display;

2.Adopts adaptive PID control algorithm, automatically adjust the heating curve according to the standard requirements;

3.Powerful data storage function, which can store 300 results. Historical records can be referred to at any time; 

4.Automatic detection, opening, ignition, alarm, cooling and printing, etc. throughout the test process;

5.Safe and airless platinum alloy electric wire ignition method, which is stable and reliable with high test accuracy;                          

Main Technical Parameters


Touch type color LCD display

Measurement method

Thermocouple differential detection

Measurement range

Room temeprature-400℃                



Temperature detection

Imported precision platinum resistance

Self-check function

Printer, igniter, solenoid valve, detection arm lift, sweeping of ignition rod, etc.

Working environment

Temperature: 10-45, humidity:30-80%



Power supply

AC220V±10%(can be customized)


About 15kg


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