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BLS-1500 Petroleum Products Colorimeter
【Brief】:The instrument complies to ASTM D1500 and SH/T0168.
【Series】:General Petroleum Products Testers


The instrument is designed and manufactured under the requirements of standard ASTM D1500 and SH/T0168 in Petroleum Products Chroma Determination Method, applicable to test the color of various petroleum products such as lube oil, kerosene and diesel, etc.


The instrument consists of standard color plate, optical lens, light source and colorimetric tube.

The light source forms two paralleled beams with same size and shape after its color has been filtered, and can uniformly shine on the color glass sheet of the standard color plate and the sample of the colorimetric tube at the same time. There are 26 pieces of Φ14mm optical holes on the standard color plate, 25 of which are respectively equipped with standard color glass sheets of 1-25 color number. The 26th hole is blank, and the color plate is rotated by the handwheel mounted on the right side of the instrument to select the correct color for the test. The color of the standard color glass on the color plate should be calibrated by colorimetric solution that is used to calibrate the standard color. The observation eyepiece consists of concave mirror and separate gate. In the eyepiece two semicircle colors can be seen at the same time. Its left is the sample color and its right is standard color. The optical eyepiece is easy to use with functions of light adjustment and focusing. 

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