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BLS-4294 Petroleum Products  X-ray Fluorescence XRF Sulfur Analyzer Sulfur
【Brief】: It complies to ASTM D4294 and GB/T 17040, SH/T0742 and GB/T11140.
【Series】:General Petroleum Products Testers

GN-4294 XRF Sulfur Analyzer is specially designed to determine sulfur content in the petroleum products. It adopts energy-dispersive principle with electrical, mechanical and microprocessor integration design, so it is rapid and accurate. It complies to ASTM D4294 and the requirements of national standard of China GB/T 17040, SH/T0742 and GB/T11140 on repeatability and reproducibility.


(1) Sulfur Test Equipment can be used to determine mass% of total sulfur in the crude petroleum, petroleum, heavy oil, diesel oil, gasoline, and naphtha.
(2) XRF Sulfur Analyzer can be used to determine total sulfur content in the products of coal chemical industry, such as primary benzene.
(3) XRF Sulfur Analyzer can be used to determine total sulfur or sulfide in other liquid or solid powder samples.


(1) With electrical, mechanical and microprocessor integration design, so it is compact and beautiful;
(2) XRF Sulfur Analyzer can determine various products and in a wide measurement range. It is rapid for analysis and it only need little standard sample.
(3) Adopts fluorescence intensity ratio analysis methods, it can make correction to temperature and pressure automatically and it can also make correction to ratio of carbon and hydrogen (C/H).
(4) Large LCD for display; Man-machine conversation system; Sound alarm for operation mistake;
(5) It has self-diagnostic function, so it can determine its working state and electric parameters by making counting measurement and energy spectrum measurement using reference samples.
(6) Equipped with a RS232 serial port, it can connect with any computer or web system.
(7) It takes disposable sample cell with Mylar film, so it can avoid cross contamination. Sample cell is made by a multifunctional pressure shaping device, so it is rapid and convenient. There is a hole on the sample cell cover and you can record sample serial number, S% (m/m), and date on the sample cell cover.
(8) The sample holder is installed on a slide rail, so it can move out and move in automatically. It can move out from inside of the instrument for sample location and anti-leakage parts replacement. It is convenient and it can avoid any contamination to detection system.
(9) It can save large quantity of test data. You can browse test data and calibration curves at any time.
(10) It uses a thermal printer, so it is easy to replace printing paper.
(11) Tightly protection measures to avoid oil leakage. The sample cell is placed on the leakage protection device. The sample cell can enter into the detection system together with the leakage protection device only during sample analysis procedures. If the instrument is not at sample analysis state, the leakage protection device will move out, so this can avoid any contamination to the detection system.
(12) Its safe X-ray protection measures can keep people from injury of X-ray radiation.

Technical Parameters
(1) Measuring range: 20ppm to 5%
(2) Repeatability (r): <0.02894 (X+0.1691)
(3) Reproducibility (R): <0.1215(X+0.5555)
(4) Detection limit: 7 ppm
(5) Oil sample quantity: 2.5 ml (it is equal to sample depth of 4.5 mm)
(6) Measurement time: it can preset 60, 120, 240, 300, and 600 s at random
(7) It can make measurement automatically for single sample. Repeat times: can set 2, 3, 5, 10, and 50 at random; it will show average value and standard deviation at end of measurement.
(8) Calibration curve numbers: it can save 9 calibration curves. 5 pieces of them are unary linear equation and 4 pieces of them are unary quadratic equation.
(9) Working condition:
Ambient temperature: 5~40℃
Relative humidity: ≤85% (30 ℃)
(10) Power supply: AC 220V±20V, 50 Hz; Rated power: 30 W


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