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Hydrocarbon Types in Petroleum Products Tester by Fluorescent Indicator Adsorption BLS-1319
【Brief】:The instrument complies with GB/T 11132-2008 and ASTM D1319.
【Series】:General Petroleum Products Testers


The instrument is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ASTM D1319 and the People's Republic of China standard GB/T 11132-2008 Hydrocarbon Types in Petroleum Products Measurement Method(Fluorescent Indicator Adsorption Method). Use fluorescent indicator to make the main hydrocarbons in liquid petroleum products display on the silica gel absorption column, and calculate the volume percentage of hydrocarbons. It is the measurement index of fuel oils such as engine fuel and aviation fuel, etc.

The instrument is a special instrument for determining the volume percentage of aromatics, olefins and saturated hydrocarbons in petroleum distillate.

Main Technical Features

1. The instrument adopts integrated vertical structure design,  no need to install when use. It can be used by directly place in suitable position indoor.

2. The instrument consists of pneumatic system, vibration part, scale and scale indication, system illumination, ultraviolet light detection and other components. It is smooth from Silica gel filling, vibration, loading, and test result reading.

3. Directly adopt two imported precision inner diameter glass tube adsorption columns, which is more convenient.

4. The instrument is equipped with automatic absorption column cleaning device to solve the trouble of adsorption column cleaning.

Main Technical Parameters

Power supply

AC(220±5%)V, 50Hz, single phase(customizable)

Pressure regulating range of pressure reducing valve


Electric oscillator

Two channels are separately controlled

UV light source tube

1220mm long, power consumption:400W, wavelength:(365 ± 5) nm


1220mm long, power:400W

Gas supply(self-provided)

Nitrogen cylinder (or compressed air cylinder, air compressor) . It is recommended to use nitrogen cylinder or compressed air cylinder

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity




Total power consumption



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