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Petroleum Products Demulsification/Water Separability Tester BLS-1401
【Brief】:The instrument is designed according to ASTM D1401,ASTM D2711 and GB/T7305 and GB/T7605.
【Series】:General Petroleum Products Testers


 It is mainly used for the determination of the separation capacity of petroleum and synthetic liquid with moisture. It has reasonable structure, stable performance and simple operation, which is an ideal analysis and testing equipment.


1.It adopts single-chip control and PID self-tuning temperature control technology with fast heating and high control precision;

2.The instrument is automatically stirred and timed, and the test tube mixing motor boom is automatically raised and lowered;

3.Automatic prompt function, automatic alarm when the experiment is over;

4.The mechanical transmission is noise-free, and the heating parts are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and durable;

5.The constant temperature bath is round glass cylinder with uniform temperature distribution inside and good temperature control effect;

6.Automatic printing and storage that can store 100 results.

Technical Parameters


320×240 dot matrix LCD screen

Temperature control range

Room temperature-100

Temperature control accuracy


Water bath temperature

54±1℃     82±1

Timing range

Arbitrary set within 0-99min

Stirring speed


Temperature sensor

Platinum resistance (imported grade A PT100)

Experiment hole


Power supply

AC220V±20%, 50HZ±10%(can be customized)

Maximum power consumption


Working temperature

Room temperature-45

Working humidity

85% RH




About 26Kg


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