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Noack Method Lubricating Oil/ Grease Evaporation Loss Tester BLS-5800
【Brief】: The instrument complies with ASTM D5800 and  NB/SH/T 0059-2010.
【Series】:Lube Oil /Grease Testers

The instrument is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements specified in ASTM D5800 and Test Method of the People's Republic of China Industry Standard NB/SH/T 0059-2010 Determination of Lubricating Oil Evaporation Loss, which is suitable for the determination of lubricating oil (especially Evaporation loss of engine oil) and lubricating base oil at 250 ℃.

Main Technical Features

1. Metal bath heating device, safe and environmentally friendly.

2. Imported differential pressure gauge to ensure accurate pressure.

3. Wood alloy is added to the bath body for better heat transfer.

4. Equipped with special vacuum suction system.

5. Digital timer to record test time.

6. The evaporation crucible meets ASTM standards.

7. Precision pressure regulation system and imported needle valve to ensure accurate flow regulation.

8. There is a gas buffer bottle inside.

9. High-power solid state relay control heater.

10. Imported temperature control gauge for precise control.

Main Technical Indexes

Working power supply

AC (220±10%) V, 50Hz(customizable)

Temperature control mode

Digital display PID temperature control

Temperature control range

Normal temperature to 250 °C ± 0.1 °C

Heating method

Metal bath heating

Pressure regulation

Highly precise needle valve

Suction method

Vacuum pump

Differential pressure measurement

Imported precise differential pressure gauge

Ambient temperature

≤ 30

Relative humidity


Total power consumption


Dimensions of temperature control heating part

350mm × 280mm × 420mm (L × W ×H)

Dimensions of regulated suction filter

350mm × 350mm × 450mm(L × W ×H)


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