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Lube Oil Oxidation Stability Tester (Rotary Oxygen Bomb Method) BLS-2272
【Series】:Lube Oil Testers


1. Automation: Industrial-grade ARM32-bit patch core processor, automatically complete the test process. The data can be derived from the U disk, and processed by the computer to achieve environmental protection and paperless detection.

2.Control system: adopts industrial grade PLC programmable logic controller which is treated with three anti-paints to make the instrument safe. It has 7-inch tablet PC touch screen. The test can be completed according to the screen prompts that training is unneeded.

3.Operation system: Windows CE embedded operating system, full English operation interface, arbitrary page switching, simple and convenient operation, automatic results printing, large capacity storage that can save tens of thousands of data and curves.

4.Safety performance: automatic diagnosis, over-temperature alarm and automatic shutdown of the heater power supply, test completion alarm prompt.

5. Data input / output: RS485 connection standard, can be connected to USB2.0 interface. Support online monitoring, downloading, and more convenient to use.

6.Automatic detection, automatic oxidation curve display, automatic save and automatic test results print.

Technical Parameters


ASTM D2272, SH/T 0193

Power supply

AC220V±10, 50Hz(can be customized)

power consumption


Pressure range


Pressure accuracy

± 2

Oil bath temperature control point

140, 150

Oil bath temperature control accuracy

± 0.1




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