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Dropping Point Tester of Lubricating Grease Over Wide Temperature Range BLS-2265
【Brief】:The instrument complies with ASTM D2265-94a and standard GB/T3498-83 (91).
【Series】:Lube Oil /Grease Testers


The instrument is suitable for measuring the dropping point of the wide temperature range of the grease according to ASTM D2265-94a and standard GB/T3498-83 (91) Determination of the Wide Temperature Range of Grease. That is, the temperature at which the grease reaches a certain fluidity under the specified test conditions.


1. 6 test holes, 6 sets of samples can be tested simultaneously;

2. Aluminum furnace heating, good temperature consistency of each hole;

3. Intelligent control device, temperature can be set arbitrarily and digitally displayed;

4. High measurement results repeatability;

Main Technical Parameters

Aluminum furnace


alloy cast aluminum

Heating power

700W tubular heater


Dropping device

Grease cup

Made of brass with chrome finish. Dimensions meet the requirements of GB/T3498-83

Test tube

Made of soft thin-walled glass. Dimensions meet the requirements of GB/T3498-83

Grease cup holder

Made of hard heat-resistant glass


In accordance with GB/T514-83, scale -5 to 400, minimum division 1

Working Conditions

Ambient environment

Ambient temperature:0 to 35

Relative humidity:

Power supply

AC220V±10%, 50HZ±1(customizable)


1.The instrument should be placed on a flat work surface with bright light.

2. The testing place must have good grounding device.






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